Prospects and plans

The ONCOJ is work in continuous progress. Ongoing and planned work on the corpus includes the following:

  • Texts The Engi-shiki Norito, and the Shoku-Nihongi Senmyō are being added to the ONCOJ.
  • Annotation A pilot project to enrich the annotation of a fragment of the corpus with information about null elements, unbounded dependencies, and the reference of pronouns is currently under way.
  • Documentation An annotation manual setting out the tagging conventions for Old Japanese morphology and grammar is being developed.
  • Translations The project is in the process of supplying the texts with translations into English. In the future, translations will be made available on-line to the extent that this does not infringe on any copyright.
  • Bilingual dictionary As an extension of the List of words, a bilingual Old Japanese – English dictionary is being developed alongside of and as an integrated part of the corpus.
  • External resources Additional possibilities for links to external resources are under consideration.
  • Other features Additional download and display options are under development.
  • Other annotation Addition of annotation for literary, biographical, historical and other information.